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GPL-XY2500BFull Automatic CNC Insulating Glass Flat-press Process Line

◎ Three pairs brushes available for low-E glass.

◎ PLC control two touch screen system, realize temperature, speed, output and machinetrouble prompting, realize whole line under automatic control.

◎ Realize glass pressing automatically outside or inside the press machine, produceinsulating glass with two or three pieces original glass. It could produce insulating glasscome from glasses that is same size or different size.

◎ Full distance five step frequency control speed changing, the waiting section of line savetime for whole process and improve working efficiency.

◎ Action board can open, easy to examine and repair.

◎ When glass is pressed, the front and back part of flat pressing machine will up the glasswith lever-type arm and hand system, (mechanical position + mobile sucking system) allthis will ensure no malposition.

◎ Inside part of Wash machine, dry machine and the air dryer are both stainless steelproduction. It is elegant appearance and never rust.

Technical Parameter:




Input voltage             

380V 50Hz

Input power

29.5 Kw

Max. glass size             

2500 ×3000-3100

Min. glass size             


Glass thickness           


Working speed


Overall dimension

26000 × 2660 × 3530 mm

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